Yorkshire cottages with hot tubs | Beautiful Escapes

Hot tubs

Hot tubs are enduringly popular across the UK, not least because they create an alfresco environment impervious to wind and cold. Hop into a deliciously toasty tub on a chilly evening, watching the steam rise as you soak under the stars, and you may even be glad of the evening’s slightly inclement conditions. And yet the experience is equally glorious, enjoyed under a hot summer sun, with a freshly shaken cocktail in hand.

Booking a cottage with a hot tub essentially weatherproofs your break. But it also provides an outdoor social hub for larger gatherings, a place for guests to completely unwind and adds an air of romantic escapism to any couple’s getaway. Turn on the jets and the world’s worries quickly drift away. A little hydrotherapy is also a heavenly way to soothe any aching muscles after an invigorating day’s hiking the Moors or Dales.