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Whitby Goth Weekend 27th-29th October 2023

20th October 2023

The seaside destination of Whitby becomes a haven for alternative subculture twice a year, as it hosts Whitby Goth Weekend. This unique event transforms the sleepy town into a mesmerising world of dark, artistic expression, music and camaraderie, as thousands flock to the English home of Dracula. 

WGW origins

Conceived in 1994 by Jo Hampshire and her pen-pal friends, the first meeting was an intimate and relatively spontaneous affair, with just 40 people gathered in the Elsinore Pub. It stemmed from a desire to showcase gothic culture and the unique ambience of Whitby, the town famed for inspiring key elements of Bram Stoker’s literary masterpiece, Dracula. But, as the years rolled by, the once small gathering grew into a biannual festival. 

Nearly three decades later, Whitby Goth Weekend, also known as WGW, draws thousands of attendees from across the globe. The event provides a safe space for self-expression, networking and the forging of new friendships, where everyone is encouraged to be themselves without judgment. WGW’s long-standing appeal lies in its celebration of individuality and community. Attendees come from all walks of life but find common ground in their shared love for alt culture. 

The event

The family-friendly festival is held in April and October each year. Live music is a significant component, featuring a mix of established bands and up-and-coming artists. Art exhibitions and book launches often take place during the event, honouring Whitby’s deep literary roots. WGW also incorporates the Bizarre Bazaar Alternative Market with over 100 indoor stalls, affording opportunities to pick up one-of-a-kind items including gifts, clothing, accessories, music, books and homewares. 

It’s an occasion to unleash your creativity, dress up and soak in the bewitching spectacle. And of course, Whitby, with its medieval architecture, dramatic scenery, haunting Abbey ruins and general mystique, provides a consummate setting for these festivities. 

Whether you identify as a goth or are simply curious about the scene, Whitby Goth Weekend serves as a compelling out-of-the-ordinary experience to complement your stay in beautiful North Yorkshire.

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