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At BE we find the best Yorkshire people to make your stay in this glorious County a truly memorable one. We first discovered Rosalind through her delightful preserves, one in particular that we absolutely adore is her blood orange negroni marmalade. The tastiest marmalade based on our favourite cocktail; heaven! We connected through the wonderful world of social media where she shares all of her tips and tricks through videos and photographs for not only preserve making but also baking and cooking. Hailing from Italian heritage on her Mother’s side this has had a huge influence on her cooking.

Rosalind has such a warm and welcoming personality, which we’re sure comes from the perfect mixture of Yorkshire and Italian rooted hospitality! She is generous in her knowledge and breaks down seemingly complicated bakes and dishes into simple processes to be enjoyed and savoured.

Rosalind offers an in-property dinner party service, where she will prepare a meal for your party in your beautiful holiday home. So, all you need to do is pour the wine, sit back and enjoy! A special treat, perfect for that romantic weekend away or perhaps you’re having a large gathering of friends and family and don’t want to worry about who is cooking. Asking Rosalind into your kitchen means you can be guaranteed a mouthwatering meal and the time to enjoy it without having to run into the kitchen all night!


Alternatively, if you prefer to learn from Rosalind’s expertise, she can guide you through creating delicious dishes with her signature tips and tricks for that full Italian flavour and you can all join in as a family or group of friends, perhaps with a glass of Barolo in hand!

Rosalind can create a bespoke menu or class suited to the age range of your family. Have you always wanted to make homemade pasta? Perhaps you’d like to go for a day of fruit picking in the Yorkshire countryside and would like to learn how to capture the freshness in preserves and then how to use these to make the most delicious deserts?

Just get in touch with us to find out more about what Rosalind can offer on your Beautiful Escape to Yorkshire.


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